Do you Have Egress Windows in Your Basement- If You Do Read This, Downers Grove, IL

Do you Have Egress Windows in Your Basement? If You Do Read This

If you are planning to transform your basement into a comfortable living area or constructing a new home with an Naperville Illinois | Everdry Waterproofing Illinois underground level, it is important that you abide by the building codes for safety. One of these essential components includes egress windows which play an invaluable role if there were ever any unexpected events such as fires or flooding. Egress windows must be installed in all basements where bedrooms and other living areas exist according to regulations, so inhabitants can have an escape route during hazardous accidents.

According to the International Residential Code (IRC) 2003, egress windows in basements must meet strict regulations. These include:

  • Having a minimum of nine square feet of space. 
  • Should be at least 36 inches long and wide. 
  • Furthermore, because safety is paramount when it comes to basements, the well surrounding window must be deep enough for someone to climb out without difficulty; if this depth exceeds 44 inches below grade then a ladder will also need to be included.
  • To ensure safety and security in the well, ladders must be a minimum of 12 inches wide with no more than six inches encroaching into the space. 
  • Step rungs should not exceed 18-inch intervals, and there must be three inches kept between the ladder and back wall. 
  • Any screens, grilles or bars installed inside need to easily detach without use of keys or tools.

Strict requirements are in place to guarantee egress windows offer a convenient and secure exit during an emergency, as well as quick entry into the basement for first responders if needed. Egress Windows | Egress Windows | Everdry Waterproofing Illinois

With egress window requirements, your basement project may come with an additional cost. However, the investment is worth it; having such a system installed is not only essential for protecting you and your loved ones in case of emergencies, but also allows natural light to flood into what could otherwise be a dark and dreary area, making your basement feel like an inviting part of the home.

In conclusion, to ensure the safety of your family, and to guarantee that your basement living space is up to code, ensure that an egress window is installed in any bedroom or inhabited area in a basement. The requirements are straightforward; they should satisfy the International Residential Code (IRC) as well as local building regulations. With these criteria fulfilled, you can have confidence knowing that everything meets legal standards for your home addition and the basement is safe for its inhabitants!


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