Steel I Beams

Steel I Beams

There are times when basement walls develop deep cracks which causes them to bow dangerously. In situations such as these, it’s possible to install Steel I Beams to provide them support and improve the integrity of the structure. This installation may be tackled as a standalone job or could be part of a broader water-proofing project. Walls that have severe structural damage tend to show shearing, horizontal cracks and bowing.

If these problems aren’t attended to on time, they will only worsen and endanger the integrity of the entire structure; in which case, the only solution is to entirely remove & rebuild the foundation wall. This procedure is complex, invasive, time-consuming and expensive. As mentioned earlier, the one way to counter this issue is to install Steel I Beams

Steel I Beams installation process

At Everdry Waterproofing, we are experts that handle all basement waterproofing and structural repair jobs. When we are installing Steel I Beams to reinforce a failing basement structure, this is the work process we follow:

    • In order to install this support, the flooring along the walls of the foundation will be jack-hammered at the place they are to be positioned in
    • These steel beams will then be expertly installed & bolted firmly into the timber floor joist above
    • A jackscrew device positioned at the upper end is used to apply tension & we tighten the steel beam against the wall’s contour
    • The wall(s) are then permanently stabilized; they won’t require any further adjustments/maintenance

Customized Steel I Beams Foundation Repair Solutions

We use the latest, high grade beams that have a far lower profile but are very strong. We also know that no two basements are alike and so we provide customized solutions for all our structural damage repair services. In many cases, the installation of Steel I Beams is complemented by the installation of carbon fiber, wall pins, footer underpinning and epoxy injections, based on the kind of damage that has to be repaired.

For all types of basement waterproofing, structural repair solutions such as Steel I Beams and related services in Illinois, call Everdry Waterproofing at 630-769-9300. You can also schedule a free basement waterproofing estimate using this online form. We are more than happy to answer all your basement waterproofing questions and provide you with our customized solutions.