Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Here Are Comments Sent To Us By Our Customers (And Thank You To These Delightful Homeowners— All Of These Kind Words Were Sent Without Us Asking!)


Great Job!  The work done was much better than my expectations. The team of Everdry Waterproofing is highly professional and dedicated towards their work. The responsiveness of the team is much better than that of the others, that’s why they are able to maintain a good understanding between the customer and the team members. They first understand the problems thoroughly , and then execute their work with perfection. We were looking for some highly professional firm for a proper management of the drainage system of our house, then we contacted your team through your official website. The hard work and professional efforts of your team has really inspired me, and I think I did the right job to hire them for re-installation of drainage system in my house.
– Zara Lima


We had some small waterproofing work so we hired the professionals from the Everdry Waterproofing Company and they managed everything so well. They bought all the tools and equipment and arranged everything on their own. We didn’t take any pain in arranging things and the work was done extremely well. Highly recommended services.
– Katherine Lewis


As soon as one of our family friends recommended us to contact Everdry Waterproofing Illinois Company before renovating our basement we contacted this company. They provided us with a free visit to our house and also inspected our basement for free. They then told us not only the problem but also the perfect solution that was within our budget. They waterproofed our basement so well that leakage is all gone forever.
– Jean Hansen


We were looking for some experts to detect the reason of dampness in our ground floor. One of our friends suggested us to consult the professionals from the Everdry waterproofing company. We called them for inspection and they detected the issue perfectly and helped us resolve that within our budget. Thank you team Everdry. 
– Xander Young

In today’s polluted environment we were looking for some good ventilation system to help us get rid of that impure air that keeps on re-circulation in our house. Then, we got to know about the E.Z Breathe ventilation system available with Everdry Waterproofing Illinois Company. It helped us remove that stale and polluted air from our premises and replaced it with fresh, pure and oxygen-rich air good for health.
– Ellison Dmarian


Our house was constructed almost 25 years ago and so, the problem of some water leakage was there in the basement. We were so worried about how to get the issue resolved as the basement is a crucial and important part of any structure. Thanks to the team of Everdry waterproofing company who helped us fix that so well. We are truly amazed with their services.
Sylvia Acevedo


They just finished my basement last week, it hasn’t been a heavy rain yet, but the ground has def experienced some water and so far my 1st place is bone dry. next years project is finishing it and turning this into a spare room for nephews and a hang out spot. If it keeps it up that’s going to be possible. Great experience from start to end, from the phone to the inspector to the crew. Awesome work. Will recommend.
– Michael Spaur


The rainy season was always a big trouble for us since the time we shifted to our new house. The basement had some leakage issues and even the rain water used to get filled in that space. My wife and I were so troubled with this. Then, we got to know about the waterproofing services of Everdry waterproofing company and immediately we hired them. I can now say that it was the best decision of our life. Thank you, people.
– Drake White


We have a very old house and the basement was completely flooded. Then I interviewed two locals from our area and asked the prices. Everdry waterproofing offered me the reasonable prices so I selected them and their salesman has the most convincing solution for our problem. I signed the contract with Everdry Waterproofing and started working with them. They persuaded us that what was the best way to go with our house. Now there is no leakage issue in my basement. So, these guys hit me right at the right time.
– Allya Roy

Tony Delprete was a pleasure to work with. He was honest during the inspection and very informative. I look forward to working with this company to resolve my water issues.

– John Wagner