Why You Should Consider Underground Downspout Extensions Downers Grove, IL

Downspout Extension | Downers Grove, IL

Crawlspace Waterproofing: Why You Should Consider Underground Downspout Extensions

Controlling water that drains from the roof of your home is an important part of crawlspace waterproofing. It will help to prevent standing water and therefore keep your crawlspace clean and dry.

One of the most common problems homeowners experience with downspouts is that they drain too close to the crawlspace. This results in water accumulating in or around the crawlspace. It defeats the purpose of having a roof drainage system in the first place. To be effective, downspouts ought to drain water at least eight feet away from the foundation.

If your downspouts are draining too close to the foundation, you will not have to replace the entire downspout. You would only need to have them extended to the desired length. There are various options for this. However, one of the best is an underground extension.

Benefits of underground downspouts 

There are several reasons you should consider having your downspouts drain underground.
Downspout Extension | Downers Grove, IL

  1. Retain the value of your landscape

You have probably put a lot of work into getting your landscape just right. If you do not want a drainage pipe ruining all that hard work, you may want to consider having the extension installed below the ground. While there may be some damage to the landscape during the installation, this is only temporary. Your landscape will recover and your crawlspace will be protected.

  1. You can avoid tripping hazards on your property

This is especially important if you have young children or elderly persons living on or regularly visiting your property. A downspout extension above ground can present a tripping hazard which can result in serious injuries that may be expensive to recover from. You can avoid the pain and expense by simply having the extension installed underground.

  1. Avoid soil erosion

Above-ground downspout extensions often drain directly onto the landscape. While a properly installed extension will drain several feet away from the foundation, it can still pose a problem to your landscape by causing soil erosion. This can leave your plants, vegetation and general landscape damaged after a storm. Installing the line underground will protect your landscape.

  1. Avoid pooling of water

Above-ground drainage can result in the pooling of water on your landscape. This can present a threat to your health by attracting bugs such as mosquitoes which are not only a nuisance but also disease-carrying. They can also attract pests such as termites and mice which love moisture. Installing the extension underground will help you avoid these problems.

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