Top Mistakes When Hiring Basement Waterproofing Contractors | Lisle, IL

Are you looking for a basement waterproofing contractor? Not everyone in the industry is competent and reliable. There are several homeowners who have learnt this the hard way. If you want to avoid this and ensure that the job is done right, avoid the following top mistakes that homeowners make when hiring waterproofing contractors.


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  1. Using price only

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to save money and taking advantage of a good deal. However, money shouldn’t be the only factor you use to determine which contractor should get the job.

It’s true that you get what you pay for. If the deal sounds too good to be true, it often is. Don’t go for the basement contractor with the lowest price on their quotation. Look at the quotation in detail and compare the services being provided. You should also do your homework to find out how competent the contractor is before hiring them.

  1. Not following up on references

Many homeowners understand the importance of hiring a contractor with references. However, not many bother to follow up and check on the references.

You can’t know how well a contractor will perform on the job until they do the job for you. However, this can be a costly test. It is best to talk to their previous clients to find out more about their work, and the quality of their work.

  1. Not asking for written agreement

It’s important to know exactly what you’re paying for before you hire the contractor. This is where a written agreement comes in. However, many homeowners forgo the written agreement and have verbal agreements with their contractors.

It is easy for a contractor to opt out of a service they promised you simply because you have no evidence of the agreement. However, if you have a written agreement, you can show it to the contractor and ensure that they abide by it.

  1. Not checking the contractor’s credentials

Many homeowners end up hiring unqualified and uncertified contractors as a result of this. They don’t check whether the contractor is licensed and registered. Certifications and registrations are important. They speak of the quality of work and the level of skill that the contractor can provide. If you want a professional job done, be sure to hire a registered and certified professional.

The above mistakes are the most common that homeowners make when hiring contractors. Take note of them to ensure that you hire a reliable basement waterproofing contractor.