E.K., Laporte, Indiana

Earlier this year I purchased a home that had quite a lot of remodeling done in the past few years, including Everdry installing their basement and foundation waterproofing system. As the new owner, I didn’t know the details of the system installed, but I needed a service call for the sump pump. I was extremely pleased with the courtesy and level of service I received when I called their office. A service technician arrived within a few hours. Not only did he quickly fix my pump issue, which turned out to be a minor item, but spent additional time with me explaining how the system worked, the various parts of the system, and how to check the homeowner pieces requiring monitoring. He was extremely helpful and I now feel very comfortable in my understanding of the operation of the system. I had a second opportunity to speak with the office staff, and they were able to quickly handle my questions and satisfy my concern. My basement is finished, and I feel confident that the Everdry system will keep it dry and the air fresh.