3 Types of House Foundation Cracks Downers Grove, IL

Important Facts about 3 Types of House Foundation Cracks Downers Grove, IL

Many people fret at the sight of cracks on their foundations. Indeed, house foundation cracks are not a matter to be taken lightly. You can never be certain about what different types of cracks mean until your building has been inspected by a professional foundation repair company.House Foundation Cracks | Downers Grove, IL | Everdry Waterproofing Illinois

While many cracks are frightening, it is important to note that not all types of house foundation cracks indicate serious damage to your house. Most of the cracks that do not signal major structural damage just appear at the surface of the foundation. But there are other types of cracks that can be deep and wide; these are the cracks that you should be worried about.

Learn more about four different types of house foundation cracks and what they mean for your building.

  1. Vertical Cracks

Vertical cracks are positioned perpendicularly on a house foundation. Some of these cracks may slant to an angle of approximately 30 degrees. Vertical cracks are mostly formed due to the shrinking of concrete and are therefore referred to as shrinkage cracks.

Most vertical cracks tend to be small and shallow. You don’t have to be much worried about such cracks. However, if vertical cracks look wider and deeper, you should contact a professional foundation repair company for advice.

  1. Diagonal Cracks

Diagonal cracks are formed due to an uneven shifting or settling of the foundation. These cracks have a slanting orientation with angles ranging between 30 and 75 degrees. Some of the cracks are shallow and narrow (about 0.08mm). These narrow diagonal cracks are known as hairline cracks. But there are also diagonal cracks that are wider than 1/8 inch (3 mm).

You need to get in touch with a professional foundation repair company if you see diagonal cracks that keep on widening. If left unrepaired, these cracks can expand further and cause water to seep through foundation, ultimately causing notable damage. House Foundation Cracks | Downers Grove, IL | Everdry Waterproofing Illinois

  1. Horizontal Cracks

Horizontal cracks appear horizontally on the foundation. These cracks should be a major cause for worry since they indicate serious structural damage. Horizontal cracks occur when there is increased lateral pressure in the foundation. The pressure can be due to hydrostatic pressure, frost heave, large roots, or other causes.

You should be worried about horizontal cracks because these cracks are also associated with other problems such as wall bowing. When a foundation wall bows and cracks further, it can lead to serious structural damage that will be costly to repair.

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