3 Important Crawlspace Waterproofing Services

3 Important Crawlspace Waterproofing Maintenance Services to Invest In Lisle, IL

Crawlspace waterproofing is vital for keeping your crawlspace clean, dry, and pest-free. While encapsulating your crawlspace is a long-term solution to save water and humidity, you will only benefit from it in the long term if you take the necessary steps to maintain your waterproofing system. The following are three maintenance services that professional waterproofing contractors offer to ensure your crawlspace remains clean and dry.


  1. Sump pump maintenance

Crawlspace waterproofing systems often include installing a drainage system that drains into a well. The water in the well is pumped out of the crawlspace by a sump pump to prevent flooding. It is important to ensure that this sump pump is working efficiently. Failure of the pump will result in the flooding of your crawlspace.

Sump pump maintenance includes cleaning the pump, checking for faults, and replacing faulty parts. A professional contractor can also help you adjust your setup to ensure that it is efficient in getting rid of water.

  1. Dehumidifier maintenance

Not all moisture in the crawlspace can be collected in drains and pumped out of the space. Water in the air in the crawlspace can cause moisture problems such as mold growth in the crawlspace even after encapsulation. It is therefore essential to control humidity levels in the crawlspace. This is why crawlspace waterproofing often involves the installation of a dehumidifier in the crawlspace.


Dehumidifier Maintenance involves checking if the unit is running efficiently. This may include checking the settings, testing the air quality levels in the crawlspace, and inspecting the crawlspace for any signs of moisture.

  1. Property inspection

Many things can affect a crawlspace even after crawlspace waterproofing. It is essential to have your property and crawlspace inspected at least once a year to identify these issues. A professional contractor will look for signs of damage or other factors that could cause problems in your crawlspace, such as damaged gutters, poor landscaping choices, and much more. They will provide you with solutions to address these problems so you can avoid water problems in your crawlspace.

Crawlspace maintenance is vital if you want to ensure you will continue to enjoy the benefits of your crawlspace waterproofing system for the long term. It may also be necessary if you’re going to maintain the warranty on your waterproofing system. Talk to your waterproofing contractor to learn more.

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