Egress Windows – How you could be Hurting Your Home’s Value | Naperville, IL

The housing market is recovering nicely. Homeowners are on the lookout for different ways to get the most out of their investment. With a full market, it’s important to find ways to quickly increase the value of your home. One such way is finishing the basement.

Creating extra space brings extra bucks

Think about it. A basement apartment means creating a living space where there once was none. It means taking what was once an unusable space and making a beautiful living space. You’ll be increasing the living space in your home by several hundred square feet. This translates to more value.

One of the biggest benefits of renovating the basement is that you can take advantage of a structure that is already in existence. You put in minimal work to get maximum value for your home.

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Hurting your home’s value

Renovating your basement can add value to your home when done right. However, if the renovation doesn’t meet the requirements of building code, it will hurt your home’s value instead. Buyers may ask for a deduction in your price in order to fix mistakes you’ve made.


  1. Not keeping code requirements

One of the most common areas homeowners fail is in the installation of egress windows. There are strict guidelines and requirements when it comes to the installation of these windows. Not installing these windows in line with building code can mean facing fines and other repercussions. No buyer will agree to spend money on repairing this mistake unless the cost of the home is reduced to cater for this expense.

  1. Improper installation

Another area that homeowners fail is in the use of improper practices in the installation of window wells and egress windows. Many homeowners take window wells for granted and fail to hire skilled and experienced professionals to install these windows. Poor practices in the installation of egress windows and window wells often results in foundation failure. This can be expensive to fix.

  1. Skimping on your egress windows

You should go all out when it comes to egress window systems. They will do a lot to help your basement change from a dark dungeon into a beautiful living space. The window should be large enough not only to meet the requirements of building codes but also to ensure that you take advantage of natural light. Include a window well that will ensure the best use of natural light in your basement.