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Mold In Your Home

When dealing with basement mold remediation, it is important for the home owner to understand that there are different levels of remediation. These levels are based on the level of contamination. The levels range from one, which refers to the least contamination, to level 5, which represents the highest level of contamination that often involves air conditioning and HVAC systems.

How mold infestations are handled depends a great deal on the level of contamination you’re dealing with.

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Level 1

This includes contaminations that cover 10 square feet or less. They mostly occur on hard surfaces. These can often be cleaned without the help of a remediation expert. However, it is important to note that infestations often run deeper than meets the eye. You may only be able to see part of the infestation. You are also likely to disperse mold spores during cleaning and spread the infestation. It is therefore always best to leave remediation of basement mold to the experts.

Level 2

These infestations cover more than 10 square feet but less than 30 square feet. It is important to take precaution and contact a remediation expert to ensure that the entire infestation is removed.

Level 3

These cover up to 100 square feet. They often include the infestation of wall panels and other structures. This type of infestation requires the attention of a professional mold remediation team. Vents, ducts and grills should be sealed to prevent the spread of mold spores to other parts of the home during remediation. Adjacent rooms should be evacuated throughout the remediation process.

Level 4

These infestations cover more than 100 square feet. Remediation of these infestations requires the assistance of professionals trained in handling hazardous materials. Proper personal protective equipment must be worn at all times to prevent inhalation of spores as well as the spread of mold spores from one room to the other.

Like with level 3 remediation, vents and grills should be covered to isolate contamination. The air should be monitored and the entire home evacuated for the remediation.

Level 5

This includes instances where HVAC and air conditioning systems have been contaminated. This often leads to a contamination of the entire home. Remediation may call for the use of spectrum antimicrobial agents.

Just because you’ve spotted mold in your basement doesn’t mean that they are isolated to the basement. Be sure to have your home inspected to determine what level of contamination you’re dealing with.

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