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For effective crawlspace waterproofing, your contractor will most likely recommend crawlspace encapsulation. This involves completely closing off the crawlspace from the outside environment. This is the best way to keep the crawlspace clean and dry.

However, completely closing off your crawlspace will mean that you will not have access to the space. You may want to consider having a crawl space door installed instead. This will allow you to use the crawl space for storage, or simply give you access to utilities that run through the crawl space.

 Door systems for crawl spaces

Sealing off your crawlspace from the world doesn’t have to mean that you won’t have access to it for as long as the waterproofing is intact. A crawl space door can give you access while still ensuring that the space remains protected from humidity, moisture and pests.

Crawl space door systems are designed to ensure that the waterproofing system remains effective. They are designed to be well-insulated and air sealed. This prevents penetration of air from the outside environment as well as the gaining of heat or its loss to the external environment.

Crawl space door system installation

A crawl space door can be installed in your crawl space as part of the crawlspace waterproofing process. You simply need to ensure that you discuss your needs with the contractor to ensure that they are considered in the selecting and installation of the door.

It is important to consider the following in the installation of the door.

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  1. The door foundation

The threshold of crawl space doors is often made from poured concrete. It is important to ensure that this threshold is not less than 6 inches above the ground. In fact, 12 t

o 18 inches is recommended. This will prevent the entry of water into the crawl space in case of a storm that causes water to accumulate on the ground outside the crawl space.

If you have a small crawl space, having a high threshold may make it difficult to enter the crawl space. You should make your door wider or taller to solve this problem.

  1. Door frame

It’s important to have the right type of framing for the door. Many contractors recommend pressure treated wood for the construction of the frame. It is also important to use a long lasting caulk and weather stripping for the installation. This will create an air seal to keep out critters, bugs and humidity.