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Crawlspace Waterproofing – Addressing Crawlspace Drainage Problems

Many of the problems that crop up in crawlspaces are a result of excess moisture. If you have standing water or signs of staining in your crawl space, you’ll need to include a drainage system as part of the crawlspace waterproofing process.

The type of drainage system you choose for your crawlspace will depend on the condition and design of your crawlspace. However, the following basic elements should be included for an efficient system:


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  1. Pipes for drainage

These are ideal when dealing with a crawlspace that has a dirt floor. These may include perforated pipes that will allow water to drain through. The pipes guide the water away from the crawl space and into a collection well.

  1. Sump pump

The drainage pipes divert the water into a well where it collects. When it reaches a predefined level, a sump pump system removes the water from the well and discharges it into an outside drainage. The sump pump is a vital part of the drainage system. It ensures that the crawl space does not flood.

  1. Waterproofing barriers

These barriers consist of water resistant membranes. They are installed as part of the encapsulation system used to close off the crawlspace from the outside. The barriers are installed to help prevent water from entering the crawl space and instead divert it into the drain pipes.

  1. Drainage mats

These are made of rubber or vinyl. They are designed to divert water into the drainage pipes too. They are indented mats that are installed beneath the ground in a dirt floored crawlspace. They are impervious to water.

  1. Covers for vent holes or doors

The vent doors or holes in crawl spaces provide a path through which moisture can enter the crawl space. It is advisable to cover these spaces with covers that are water resistant. These covers come fitted with gaskets. They seal off these spaces to prevent water entry.

Comprehensive waterproofing

If you are in the market for crawlspace waterproofing services, be sure to look for a contractor that can provide you with comprehensive waterproofing services. These services should include the installation of a drainage system that will divert water from your crawlspace and ensure that it remains dry. This type of waterproofing system will be very efficient for the long term.

Discuss your needs with your waterproofing contractor. Ensure that any issues are dealt with early to avoid having significantly worse problems to deal with in future.