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 Basement Waterproofing Membranes – A Vital Aspect for Exterior Waterproofing

Are you experiencing moisture problems in your basement? You may have come across various methods of waterproofing including exterior waterproofing. This method of waterproofing involves the installation of a waterproofing membrane that prevents the intrusion of water. Below is a look at the membrane and how it works.

What is a basement waterproofing membrane?

Basement wall membranes are waterproof barriers that are applied to the exterior surface of the basement wall to prevent water penetration. They are applied below grade to block water absorbed by the soil from entering the foundation.

Waterproof membranes can be installed on top of waterproof coatings to provide protection for your foundation from moisture as well as the from the backfilling process. Unlike the waterproofing coatings which biodegrade, peel or corrode over time, many basement membranes are designed to provide permanent protection for the foundation from moisture. They do not react with moisture.

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Installation of waterproof membranes

The specific installation process may differ from one contractor to the next. However, the general steps taken for the installation of basement waterproofing membranes are as follows:

  1. The ground around the outside of the foundation is excavated to expose the outside surface of the foundation.
  2. The exterior surface of the foundation wall is cleaned. Any cracks that are identified are repaired. This ensures that water does not penetrate the foundation wall.
  3. A sealant coating is applied to the exterior surface of the foundation wall.
  4. The waterproofing membrane is installed over the sealant coating.
  5. It is advisable to have a French drain installed to guide water away from the foundation. This drain will help to relieve hydrostatic pressure against the wall of the foundation. The drain is covered with gravel to allow water from the soil to trickle into the drain where it is directed away from the foundation wall.
  6. The foundation is then backfilled with soil.

Hire a professional contractor

It is best to hire a professional contractor. They will ensure that all the proper steps for waterproofing are followed and the waterproofing membrane is installed properly. They will also ensure that the best products are used for the installation. This will provide you with long term benefits.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take time to understand the process of installation. Understanding the waterproofing process ensures that you can hire qualified and trustworthy contractors for the job.



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