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Zach Krachinski

Zach Krachinski

All waterproofing companies have to make a choice. They can assume an attitude of, “no one’s perfect,” and “the homeowner won’t notice that,” or “close enough.” Or they can do what Everdry Illinois does… and insist on strict standards and absolute precision.

And while waterproofing contractors in Illinois, unfortunately, choose the “close enough” route, Everdry Illinois has committed to the highest standards of service and installation. We always, always, ALWAYS do it the RIGHT WAY.

In addition to our excellent professionals, we have also carefully built a top team of managers and office support people. The office support staff are exceptionally skilled at listening to what you want and then making the right recommendations for your budget and tastes.
The office support people are well-trained to avoid the typical frustrations of “I don’t know” answers. (And if they really don’t know, they’ll get you to the right person). The typical customer service frustrations that are so common nowadays are not the “Everdry way”.

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