5 Signs That Your Home Requires Foundation Repair Joliet, IL

You need to protect your house because it is undoubtedly one of the most expensive investments in your life. Protecting a house means checking for any damages to the house and repairing them without any delay. Damages that are not detected early enough can grow into bigger problems and result in very costly repairs.

The strength of your house lies in the building’s foundation. Therefore, when inspecting your house for any kind of damage, the foundation should be the starting point. The following are 5 signs that show that your house is damaged and requires foundation repair.

Foundation Repair | Joliet, IL

  1. Cracks on the foundation, floor and walls

The appearance of cracks on the foundation, floor and walls of your house can be an indicator that the foundation is moving or settling. Vertical and diagonal cracks commonly appear on the foundation of a building as the foundation cures. While most vertical cracks do not necessarily signal a problem in the foundation, diagonal cracks indicate irregular settling of the foundation and need to be attended to more urgently.

Horizontal cracks are more serious and indicate considerable foundation damage. Hence, if you see horizontal cracks on the foundation or walls, you should contact an expert to assess the damage and repair the foundation as soon as possible.

  1. Foundation sinking or settling

Foundation sinking or settling is a leading cause of foundation cracks and wall cracks. Sinking of foundations occurs because of a number of reasons. For instance, the soil may be unstable and therefore not capable of bearing the weight of the house. Another cause of foundation sinking is poor workmanship, where the foundation has not been laid properly.

If you notice problems such as one side of your house being lower than the other or cracks that grow rapidly, you should let a certified building contractor inspect the building’s foundation.

  1. Windows and doors that are difficult to open or close

If you start experiencing difficulty opening or closing your doors and windows, this could be a sign that your house’s foundation has sunk or shifted and affected the structure of the walls.

  1. A damp basement

A damp basement is a sign that water or moisture is entering the basement. If water seeps into the basement through the foundation wall, it can lead to notable foundation damage.

  1. Uneven or sagging floors

If you notice that the floor of your house has become uneven or is sagging, you should hire a foundation repair company to inspect the house.

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