4 Types of Basement Wall Cracks and How to Fix Them Chicago, IL

Basement wall cracks are a nightmare to any homeowner. If you walk into your basement and find cracks on the wall, you are likely to panic because of the fear that the entire house needs to be rebuilt. Indeed, repairing a basement wall for cracks can be a costly affair, especially if the cracks are a sign severe damage to the building.

However, it is important to note that basement wall cracks appear because of different reasons, and not all cracks imply that your house has a serious structural problem. Below are details about four types of basement wall cracks and how the cracks can be repaired. Basement Wall Cracks | Chicago, IL | Everdry Waterproofing Illinois

Types of basement wall cracks

  1. Vertical cracks: Vertical cracks are perpendicular to the ground. They are caused by shrinkage of the wall materials, movement of the wall, and tipping walls. Vertical cracks do not indicate serious structural damage but still need to be inspected and repaired by a competent contractor.
  2. Diagonal cracks: Diagonal cracks run obliquely from the top of the basement wall to the floor of the basement. They are normally caused by pressure from the surrounding soil as it absorbs water. Diagonal cracks are also caused by the settling of the foundation and concrete contraction. An experienced crack repair contractor will help you repair diagonal cracks.
  3. Horizontal cracks: These run parallel to the ground and indicate notable structural damage. They are caused by hydrostatic pressure, which can lead to basement wall bowing.
  4. Step cracks: These are similar to diagonal cracks but have the shape of a staircase.

How to repair basement wall cracks

Different methods can be used to repair basement wall cracks. The method that is used depends on the type and extent of the cracks. The following methods can be used:

  • Patching the crack using polyurethane or epoxy: Polyurethane or epoxy can be filled into the crack gap to seal diagonal and vertical cracks.
  • Use of repair beams: Repair beams can be installed in walls where the cracks are due to severe structural damage.
  • Use of rods and concrete: Rods and concrete are used to reinforce the basement wall where notable damage is seen.
  • Use of the Stabl-Wall technology: TheStabl-Wall technology involves filling a crack with a polymer that consists of carbon fiber sheets. This technology not only seals the cracks but also prevents further expansion of the cracks because of the strong bonds that are made by the carbon fiber sheets.

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