4 Important Facts about Bowed Basement Walls Napeville, IL

One thing that can strike fear in the heart of a homeowner is the bowed basement walls. One day they appear okay, the next time you go into your basement, you have bowed basement walls. While this can be a severe structural concern, it is something that can usually get fixed. The trick is not to let it go for too long. Bowed basement walls are weak basement walls. They’ve become weakened because of too much pressure from the exterior of your home. It is almost always due to the soil and the weather. Soil becomes saturated with water from the rain, and it begins to push against your home’s foundation. As the pressure continues, the walls become weaker, and they bow. Bowed Basement Walls | Napeville, IL | Everdry Waterproofing Illinois

  1. Don’t Ignore the Problem.

One thing that you never want to do with any structural problem is to ignore it.

  • The problem won’t go away.
  • The bowed basement walls will not fix themselves.
  • Your wall’s issues will only continue to get worse, as the pressure will continue.
  • Eventually, the walls will crack more, crumble, or even fall.
  1. Some Causes of Wall Bowing Can Get Rectified

While most of the time, excessive water is the cause of bowing walls, there are some other reasons that this happens, and you can prevent it.

  • Have a drain put in to draw the water away from the foundation.
  • Have leaky pipes repaired
  • Keep your gutters clean.
  1. Think Ahead

Avoid having your driveway installed right up to the house’s foundation. A massive concrete driveway can put pressure on the foundation and cause bowing. You should plant trees as far away from the foundation as possible so that roots do not grow and press against the foundation.

  1. Bowing Can Get Repaired

Don’t let bowing walls make you feel defeated. Your professional foundation specialists can inspect, diagnose, and repair your walls. They have several different methods to reinforce your walls and help them become structurally sound and sturdy. Your walls will be as new and won’t give you another problem. These systems often come with warranties to help ease your mind.

The most important fact to know about bowing walls is to call for help as soon as possible. It’s up to you to take care of your foundation and see that it remains stable. When you take care of your foundation, it takes care of the rest of your home.

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